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Staurt Pettigrew was involved in horse racing from the age of 14 when he became a apprentice jockey. He was champion apprentice jockey, but unfortunately due to his weight he realised that it might prove difficult to continue riding. However his final year of riding, he achieved champion apprentice status, which obviously made having to give up riding a sad situation.


In 1981 he became an assistant trainer, where he worked for the late Mr. Keith Chant and Mr. Roy Magner. After nearly 10 years he was able to gain many skills and exceptional knowledge from two mentioned trainers. He then decided to go on his own and took out his Trainers licence in 1991.


He began with a string of 3 horses and had his first winner in October 1991. Now, 23 years later, he has a string of over 50 horses and is continuing to make is mark on the South African Horseracing industry.


Stuart is synonymous for training inexpensive and not particularly well bred horses, but getting the best out of them. He has always been very honest and straight forward with his owners regarding the horses ability.


Throughout every season he has exceptional win/place percentages. This is due to the fact that Staurt is also very well known for placing his horses in correct races.

Stuart 's biggest dream is to win the SA Derby/ Durban July, and with the support of his owners, the perseverance and luck needed to find another champion, he his patiently waiting for that day to come.

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