As the season comes to an end and a new one begins...

The stables job for the 2020/2021 season is complete. A season that the stable can be very proud of the way it has ended.

The stats have painted a very proud picture, specifically relating to the strike rates of wins and places. The total number of runners was 222. This consisted of 34 winners, this is a 15% win percentage and one of the highest amongst the trainers log. More impressive is the place percentage of 54%, once again one of the highest strike rates in the trainers log.

These figures could not have been made possible without the many cogs that make the wheel turn. First and foremost are all the owners that have put money and patience into the stable and industry. The stable has some very long time owners and some new, all of which care for the wellbeing of the horses. Racing would not exist without owners and the stable is always grateful for the support and confidence in the Trainer, ultimately making the best decision for the horse in every sense.

Then there is the team behind the scenes. The grooms which care for the horses on a daily basis and also get to watch them grow and mature and have a share in their success. Work riders that are imperative in the horses training programme. The jockeys that are prepared to put in the hard work and efforts, this includes a special thank you to Diego de Gouveia and Marco van Rensburg. Jason and Nicolas who work together as assistants to make sure all horses are cared for in the stable and at the races, Nicolas has become a very familiar face in the winner interviews! The vets and farriers that are also a special necessity for a horse. HOLLWOODBETS, a great sponsor that does a lot for the stable and industry as a whole which never goes unnoticed and is always appreciated. And ultimately, the trainer, Stuart Pettigrew - Hard work and Dedication is reflective in the achievements this season.

May the stable continue to improve for a bigger and better new season.

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